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The JJA Progress Andrzej Wolski General Partnership has been operating on the Polish market since 1994 in the power sector in the field of MV, reducing energy bills and allowing remote control of devices. In the mining industry we specialise in control systems for main fan ventilation stations, increasing their reliability and the ability to precisely control their work. Moreover we operate in the field of installing methane-powered generators.

Ensuring quality and modern solutions is a major factor which decides about an increasing number of satisfied customers.

The combination of theoretical and practical knowledge, and guarantees of a solid performance translates to the quality of the services offered including:

    • necessary measurements in the supply network,
    • technical and economic analysis,
    • technical project,
    • delivery, installation and maintenance (both warranty and post-warranty as well).


It gets better every day.

JJA PROGRESS Andrzej Wolski

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