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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality technical solutions to our clients, from the idea to implementation. Our work is of high quality, our technical solutions are economical leading towards a more sustainable environment. We are a group of brave, ambitious and open minded people. Through our profesionalism, the as-biult warranty and our service readiness we express our full respect and care for our customer.

Our Vision

We aim to become the leading company in the heavy industry market, able to solve any technical problem. Through our values we create fine working conditions for our employees, a legendary level of services for our clients and, together, we create added value in our everyday work. Our trademark is high quality and openness to People, Opportunities and the World.

Our Values

  • Ethicality
    We do the right thing. We are honest and sincere. We treat everyone equally. Our priority is to build relationships with partners that are based on the principles of fair cooperation. You can rely on us.
  • Openness
    We are open to ourselves and to the world. We respect the separateness and views of one another. As a company, we respect and abide by international standards regarding human rights and international labor standards, treating them as fundamental and universal. We comply with the prohibition of discrimination on the basis of: race, social status, ethnic origin, religion, disability, disability, gender, sexual orientation, relationship or political affiliation, age or marital status. We guarantee freedom of opinion, conscience and religion as well as freedom of beliefs and statements. We’re looking for solutions everywhere. In terms of business, everyone can take part in a discussion and no idea will be rejected in advance.
  • Courage
    We have the courage to make decisions. Sometimes we make mistakes, but we draw conclusions from these errors. The only one who makes no mistakes is the one who does nothing. We are boldly entering new markets, but we are not risk takers.
  • Responsibility
    We make decisions and take responsibility for them. We do not blame others. We do our best to foresee any mistakes and try to act before they happen. We are also responsible for the success of our clients to whom we provide services. Our work will affect their functioning, so we must do the best we can.
  • Teamwork
    We are a team, we have a common vision and mission. Together, we create a workplace. We help and respect each other every day. The basis for the existence and functioning of our company are the People, and our People have unique competences, skills and experience.
  • Improvement
    Continuous and unceasing development is the only way not to stay behind. We set and achieve new goals. The development of non-work-related skills and talents affects the improvement at work. We want to surprise our customers with newer and better technical solutions, faster implementation and flawless assembly.
  • Involvement
    We are looking for people with the right attitude at work: I work here because I want to work here. We value loyalty to the company. It is important that every person who cooperates with us should recognise the company’s success a common goal. The company’s success will be a success for everyone who contributed to it. We appreciate the initiative shown by our employees.


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