• Polski


Acoustic cabin designed for industrial applications.

Our soundproof cabin was designed for servicing fan stations. It is a modern alternative for loud and unfriendly, often outdated cabins. It is a necessary complement to the process of modernizing fan stations, which our company performs. The cabin may also be used in any other loud environment.

The cabin is made of prefabricated composite rings assembled on site. This solution shortens the assembly of the object and allows various functional and spatial configurations. Depending on the needs, different positions of doors and windows are possible. The construction is solid, resistant to vibrations, and the aesthetic finish guarantees longevity of the object.

The cabin is characterized by great sound insulation parameters, reducing the noise level even by 40dB. Thanks to excellent thermal insulation and air conditioning, the cabin can be used in unheated buildings.

The modern form, resulting mainly from construction and sound insulation needs, perfectly fits the image of modern industry, meeting world standards.


Prizes and publications
2011 Special Prize SILESIAN ICON organized by Zamek Cieszyn.
2013 Publication in the album “Polish Design: UNCUT” The best of Polish
design 21 c.