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A complex drive control system combining modern hardware solutions with modern information technology.

Basic system features:

  • The system can serve all types of fans in any quantity, driven by synchronous or asynchronous motors,
  • Independent control and power supply for each drive according to the norm PN-G-05027 “Main fan station on the surface – design rules”,
  • Control and visualization of the working drive system on touch panels of industrial computers. The software is always designed according to the specificity of the fans and customs of the crew,
  • A possibility to extend the system with new functions and cooperation with any visualization, dispatching programs or other IT systems,
  • Emergency run of the ventilators in safe mode without the computer system,
  • Possibility of external control (eg by the dispatcher),
  • The system can work automatically,
  • Cooperation of each control system with control and measurement equipment in the shaft,
  • Improvement of service safety through the use of repair switches for auxiliary drives and intelligent operation of the program minimizing service errors,
  • The ability to set drive parameters, security activities, boot parameters, etc.,
  • Registration and storage of all events and operating parameters of the system in digital form,
  • Concentration of all elements determining the work station fan in one location,
  • Control of all supply and control voltages,
  • Continuous control of readiness to switch on the fan during standstill,
  • It is possible to carry out a set of movement tests of stations without switching on the engines,
  • Fully automated work of the fan station or any other large drive.


System elements


  • Auxiliary drive switchgear – it provides power to all auxiliary devices of the drive at 500V or 400V,
  • Local control boxes – used for direct control of auxiliary equipment of the drive. They are placed directly next to the drives,
  • Thyristor exciter – supplies the excitation circuit in case the drive is powered by a synchronous motor,
  • Medium voltage inverter – feeds the motor stator in case the drives speed control is required,
  • Control cabinet – it is the main element of the system. Connects all equipment with the IT part. Responsible for controlling the drive together with all auxiliary devices, monitoring and recording fan operation parameters. Efficient and safe control is a basic requirement for the control system. Progress FAN meets this requirement thanks to:
    • Gathering all data and operating parameters of the station in one place (on the LCD panel located on the control cabinet and external computers connected to the system),
    • Automate most operations (checking readiness, starting, controlling work, setting the flaps and steering wheel),
    • AKP cabinet – cooperates with fan control cabinets providing information on air parameters. It can work individually by registering the required parameters on an industrial computer,
    • Electric brake for the drive.



  • Program in the PLC controller – control of all drive elements,
  • Visualization program on an industrial computer – visualization, HMI interface (human-machine contact), drive work registration,
  • Visualization program in the AKP cabinet computer – registration of air parameters in the shaft and inlet channel,
  • Visualization programs in the control room and outside the site (eg at the mine dispatcher),
  • Data exchange program between the Progress FAN system and any other SCADA type external system.