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Thyristor exciter for synchronous motors with reactive power regulator.

The thyristor exciter for synchronous motors is the only such product on the market. The device’s innovation is in the transistor bridges for connecting the exciter and shorting the starting resistor (there are no contact elements in the excitation circuit) and in a modern microprocessor control system.

The exciter can work as an element of the central reactive power compensation system, it is able to autonomously control the 6kV field, make the synchronous motor start or push the excitation, it can also be used in compressors, fans and synchronous generators drives. It has programmable, digital regulators of excitation current and reactive power with the option of selecting the operating mode. It is possible to cooperate with the master control system of the drive. The exciter or drive parameters are monitored via the RS-485 link.

All alarm and emergency states are defined by the user. It is possible to modify the software for non-standard applications. It is currently the most modern device of this type on the market.
ProgressPOWER exciter is a key element of the genuine complex systems: ProgressFAN (drive control systems) and ProgressCUK (reactive power central compensation system).