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The Company

JJA Progress GP was created by Ph.D.Eng. Andrzej Wolski in 1994 in Bielsko-Biala, Poland.

Ph.D.Eng. Andrzej Wolski has been dealing with reactive power compensation since 1980, at first as a researcher at the Silesian University of Technology. Later while working in Zimbabwe, he worked with the company MARQOTT Power Industries Ltd. of South Africa developing practical solutions for the industry.

Today, basing on an analysis of the company’s network, JJA Progress designs and installs central reactive power compensation systems. The automatic Reactive Power Compensation system Progress CUK was awarded the Gold Medal at the International Fair in Katowice ELTARG in 2002.

JJA Progress GP also specialises in control systems for fan ventilation stations for deep coal and ore mines – Progress FAN. The first fully automatic control system was implemented and approved by the EU UGBK to operate in 1998. Currently, the company implements control systems for chimney draft fans in coal-fired power plants, fans in wind and aerodynamic tunnels and most recently it implemented a power and control system for a 2 MW windmill with a vertical rotation axis.

The company also implements monitoring systems and modernizes MV networks, as well as installing and connecting methane powered generators to the network.
JJA Progress works closely with the Department of Electrical Drives, Power Drives and Robotics of the Silesian Technical University in Gliwice. We cooperate with ENEL Company in Gliwice, a producer of many devices developed by our company. We are also a member of the polish Association for Energy Economics affiliated with the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE).

The combination of theoretical & practical knowledge and a guarantee of a solid performance translates to the quality of services offered in the upgrading of electrical power and control systems. Our solutions allow adaptation to specific customer requirements.


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